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My first review so lets just go for it.Cheap Fifa 16 Coins

Chemistry Style: Finisher.FUT 16 Coins

Record: 51 Goals / 20 Assists / 20 Games. Divisions 2, 3 and 4.FUT 16 Coins

Firstly, I will be the first to admit that I love players who are regarded as "sweaty" due to my relative lack of skill at the game, although, I imagine there are those of you who feel the same so will relate to my review.FUT 16 Coins

I picked this guy up for 63k (06/02/15). I wasn't expecting anything spectacular having struggled to get much more than a 1:1 goal:game ratio with players such as Tevez, Diego Costa and Sturridge but my, oh, my, was I surprised. I'd used Doumbia before but due to him playing in the Russian League it was very hard to build a decent team up around him, so I gave up on him pretty much instantly. Am I glad I gave him a second chance.FUT 16 Coins

PACE: (93) 10/10. Fast. Unbelievably. As soon as you get the wrong side of his back line, (made even easier due to his "beat the offside trait" no matter the defender, he will not be caught due to his 94 sprint speed. He has this way of keeping the ball close to his feet in such a way as that he keeps his speed extremely well despite changes in running angle.FUT 16 Coins

DRIBBLING: (82) 10/10. The stat on his card is very misleading. Upon his stat breakdown you'll notice his actual "dribbling" is 86. You can feel this 100%. When you sprint at a defender and you shift your stick to take it past him he will never do that stupid "pause and almost fall over the ball" thing and will glide past more elegantly than Keira Knightley in an Edwardian dress. I should imagine, also, that his 4* skills is also extremely useful for those of you who care about that kind of thing; however, use of them is not at all necessary to get goals. Combined with his 93 pace this guy is more slippy than my drive way and will beat defenders and then never let them back near him until he's put it in the goal.FUT 16 Coins

SHOOTING: (82) 9/10. Doumbia's shooting is very good, but not perfect. His 86 finishing is extremely good when within 20 yards of the goal and he puts away 90% of 1 on 1s. On top of this, due to him having 75 curve, and finesse shots being so overpowered this year, he can curl the ball into the far corner more easily than Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar. ...Bad example but you get the point. Despite this, he will not score you screamers from 30 yards, so don't expect Ibra or Van Persie levels of shooting ability.

DEFENDING: (38) 9/10. Let me explain the 9/10. He gets that rating because he's literally NEVER back defending. You will never catch Doumbia running back into your own half and making a crucial tackle, only to have him pass the ball up the field and have no-one there to finish the attack. Doumbia will sit on the last defender 90% of the game, allowing you to put him through on goal more often than you smash up your controllers over Eminike.FUT 16 Coins

PASSING: (68) 7/10. Good for a striker but not brilliant. His distribution to Cuadrado and Gervinho is not always quite on point, however, having said that, it is a majority of the time. He's no Xavi but he'll get the job done.

PHYSICAL: (73) 8/10. Doumbia feels very weak due to his 66 strength and 70 balance; however, his acceleration and sprint speed get you out of trouble in this area most of the time. Where this guy comes into his own is during the last 25 minutes of a game. His 94 stamina means this guy just keeps on running and running and running until the very last minute. A lot of his goals for me came in the last 10 minutes when opponents defenders were slowing down and getting weaker and he carried on as he had been since the first minute.FUT 16 Coins

In conclusion, a great buy for any player no matter your skill level. I wouldn't recommend him in a tik-a-tak-a type game style but if you want to run at defenders, play through balls or have wingers cross the ball in (Low crosses due to his 85 positioning but only 72 heading) he is the perfect striker.Cheapest Fifa Coins

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