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As the rain fell at St James' Park, the team known as Beast FC had been shockingly abused by Carlos Tevez the game before, losing 8-5. When the next game came, Victor the beast was injured, but this was not bad, as we had Samuel Eto'o, the sweat king,or what was left of the sweat king anyway (that pace downgrade though!). Doumbia stepped up his game against a team with Douglas Costa and Bernard, also known as the Brazil skill team. Seydou scored a hat-trick on his second appearance for the team. The controller went flying out the window, kick-starting his very pacey, illustrious, penetrating career of the sweaty ass beast football club.FUT 16 Coins
FUT 16 Coins
Games: 2 (ikr)
Goals: 4
Chemistry Style: BasicFUT 16 Coins

Pace 10/10: He was faster than a sperm penetrating the outer core of a vagina, but of course, this is what he does to teams anyway, as he is universally recognised as a rapist of teams, the king of penetration.FUT 16 Coins

Shooting 9/10: I don't think I missed any shots with Doumbia. He was simply amazing at finesses (because i play on xbox 360), chip shops and any other shots you can think of. 9/10FUT 16 Coins

Passing 7/10: Tramp goals, that's all you need to know about his passing.
FUT 16 Coins
Dribbling 10/10: Brilliant at dribbling. Never lost his balance and he was hardly ever pushed off by the giant, sweaty hands of Onouah.
FUT 16 Coins
Defending N/A: 38 defending is an insane stat!FUT 16 Coins

Physical 9/10: Like I said before, he was never pushed off the ball and had great balancing. Also, he did jump alot for corners.

Got to reach 300 words so:
FUT 16 Coins
He's big, he's black
He'll rape your centre back

Ibarbo, look out.FUT 16 Coins
Too late you've been knocked out

Seydou, penetrating the core.FUT 16 Coins
Gervinho, feeding the core.Cheap FIFA 16 Coins Xbox One

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