Marek Hamsik, the Slovakian Stallion FUT 16 Coins

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This player is largely overlooked due to there being more attractive (*cough* pacey *cough*) CAMs in the Serie A. However, I did not overlook this guy and decided to give him a chance. This guy must have been listening to Eminem because when I gave him this opportunity, he did not blow his chance whatsoever. In fact, when I saw that there were no reviews about Hamsik, I created a Futhead account just so I could spread the word of how much of a cheap beast this guy is.NBA 2K16 MT

For me, he has amassed a total of 36 goals and 40 assists in 50 games, which is an incredible tally for a player that cost me only 1.2k. Oh, by the way, I was kind of being hypocritical about how people always go for pacey CAMs unlike me because I also have Callejon and Insigne on my team (lel), but Hamsik is better than those two by a country mile and now without further ado, I shall break down his stats:-FUT 16 Coins
FUT 16 Coins
Pace - Don't judge a book by its cover, his pace is actually quite decent. I was able to beat players such as Onuoha and Koscielny, just to name a few, due to the fact that his pace was almost amplified by his dribbling ability,which I will discuss below.

Dribbling - My oh my,don't even get me started on his dribbling. There are several occasions in which Hamsik was able to just waltz past an entire team as if he was sprinting in a slaloming fashion in a haunted mansion straight from kick-off, and even score. So as you can tell by that metaphor, he is a very good dribbler. But because he has 3 star skills you might not be able to enjoy him if you are a skiller.FUT 16 Coins

Shooting - This guy can definitely finish his dinner most of the time, and his shots are quite powerful and accurate inside the box, especially his finesse shots. His 4 star weak foot is also a good asset to have as he is able to finish from angles which require the use of his left foot. His long shots were nothing special, I was able to score a couple of shots from outside the box.

Defending - I didn't pay particular attention to his defending as he is a CAM, but he was able to bail me out of danger in midfield a couple of times.FUT 16 Coins

Passing - His passing is incredible, just like his dribbling. His through balls would just split the opposition's defence open like his leg was the Staff of Moses. His short and long passes were also good and just like shooting, his 4 star weak foot does help as it allows him to play balls from no matter what angle. I didn't really try his crosses mostly because I like to play from the middle and he was positioned as a central CAM anyways.FUT 16 Coins

Physical - He was able to win me a few headers during the occasions where I felt that the midfield was too crowded and thus needed to use the wings with my pacey CAMs, so his jumping is good. He didn't get bullied of the ball very often mostly due to his height so overall this stat is good.FUT 16 Coins

So there you have it, my first ever piece of work on Futhead, so if you ever decide to build a Serie A squad, why not give Hamsik a go NBA 2K16 MT PS4

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