The Greek Fighter, Sokratis with Cheap FIFA 16 Coins

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I am going to go evaluate each stat on his card and explain how i feel about them. I am not going to give him a rating on each stat. I will just write what i think and then at the end conclude on all i came across. Now i have used Sokratis in at least 40 matches, and that is in two almost identical squads. He has been an absolute beast in both of the squads. I paired him up with Benatia and also Subotic in another squad (worst defender i have tried yet, in my opinion) Anyway moving on to stats:NBA 2K16 MT

PACE - 78Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
Feels a little bit higher but now much. I don't think you need a lot more pace on a CB anyway. It's just perfect. He catches up to most attackers and i rarely get beat on pace when it is Sokratis they are challenging on the attack. Even if the attacking player gets a gap he quickly pulls him back, and i haven't experienced him getting any red cards yet. But the shirt pulling in this game is an art, you have to know when enough is enough.
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Not really to relevant for a CB. Although i will add that he actually clinched me promotion in divisions after scoring a 35 yard banger in the dying seconds. But to be fair shooting is so messed up in this game and i have done the exact same with Barzagli which has even worse shooting.
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PASSING - 61Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
Decent passing for a CB but nothing special. Does the easy short passes fine and i haven't really tried long passing with him. The square "clearance" has been quite effective with him though. Both passing stats is in the 60's.

DRIBBLING - 65Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
Not really to relevant either because you shouldn't dribble with a CB. But what the dribbling stat also represents is ball control which can be an important stat on a CB. His ball control is in the high 60's and therefore he does not make any stupid touches. He has not done any for me at least. So the pretty high ball control is a nice thing.
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Now this is maybe Sokratis strongest side. His defending is so good, and the best on a CB i have tried yet. I don't know if that is because of the combination of other stats on his card but damn it is outstanding. Both slide tackle and standing tackle is mid to high 80's. That makes him tackle great of the ball when you are second man pressing but also if you are just jockeying and waiting for the perfect tackling moment. I don't slide tackle much, but he seems to win the ball back a lot on the slide tackles and not just push them out of play.Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
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Also one of the most important stats for a CB and Sokraits shines in this category as well. He is really strong and i have only experienced him getting out muscled by the players you would expect (Lukaku and other players with 88+ strength) His jumping is also great and he wins every header and on top of that he often heads it to a midfielder in a good position, so you can start the counter attack that is oh so deadly on FIFA 15.

CONCLUSION Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
Best defender i have used. I haven't used all of the high rated defenders in the game, but quite a bit and he is still the stand out player. 10/10 IGN.

Thank you if you made it this far. I hope you feel the same way about Sokratis and if not let me know in the comment section as experiences with players differ a lot in FIFA15. I will be active in the comment section if you guys have any other questions and if not peace out!NBA 2K16 MT PS4

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