Sokratis, Nice Shirt and Cheap FIFA 16 Coins, Take It!

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He is SO good, his tackling abilities, his pace, his strength, his postioning, everything is great, yet he is SO dumb ! But before talking about his mental disability, and his morbid obsession for shirts, let's look at his stats:
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78 Pace : He is incredibly fast, and he feels even faster because he is strong, he can catch up on you and just bully you off the ball, when he doesn't grab your shirt instead.Fifa 16 Coins For Sale

52 Shooting : Irrelevant, but I don't think I took a single shot with him.

61 Passing : Not the best, but does the job if you're careful enough.Fifa 16 Coins For Sale

65 Dribbling : Not important either but feels like less, when he has the ball even changing direction feels hard, like a drunk driver struggling to take a turn with his huge truck, but obviously that's really not important.

82 Physical : Feels like 99. He is so strong and always wins headers, when he's coming at you even the strongest strikers like Benteke or Emenike will just fly off the ball like they're Valbuena.Fifa 16 Coins For Sale

84 Defending : I don't know what to say about that. When he's standing in front of you, he will disposess you of the ball just by looking at you. His tackles are absolutely great and his positioning is amazing. All you need for a centerback you will say, well there is one thing, one tiny detail that's bothering me.

He always grabs the opponent's shirts ! I know what you think "that guy can't defend, the problem is not the centerback, it's him being a noob !", well that's partly true : I'm not very good at defending. But if there's one thing I'm careful about, it's not taking stupid reds and giving aways stupid penalties, so I won't press the tackle button until I feel that I'm in position to make a good tackle. And I've played with many other defenders : Subotic, Naldo, Thiago Silva, Miranda... And Sokratis is the only one that ever got sent off, and he got sent off five times !!Fifa 16 Coins For Sale

Even if you are running side by side with a defender and pretty much in front of him, there is a solid chance for him thinking "Oh he's asking me to tackle him, but man that shirt looks so cool and sexy, with those red stripes and everything, I wish I had that ! Let me just stop for a second, I'm sure I can make a quick and sneaky steal, and take it home without anyone noticing !"

But there is one guy who always notices : the god damn referee ! And here it goes, it's the 6th minute, Sokratis leaves the pitch, Diego scores the free kick on the edge of the box. Emenike comes to congratulate him, Bender is in tears because he knows he's gonna be subbed again and Subotic was already warmed up and ready to take Sokratis' place. I'm 1-0 down and I have 10 men.
I don't know what's the stat that prevents your defenders from pulling shirts, but man he's got 0 on this one ! Ever wondered if there is actually some guy collecting all the kits from FUT and wasting all his coins in this ? Well that's Sokratis behind his freaking Playstation !Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
Would I recommend him ? Honestly I don't know, he's so good at everything else. He's a million times better than Subotic for instance, but when he cannot restrain his urge to be a retard he can cost you games. Still I have to give him a 7, because I did keep him in the squad and I just can't deny that he is an absolute wall when he decides that he actually wants to play 90 minutes.NHL 16 Xbox One Coins

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