Andre Schurrle and Cheap FIFA 16 Coins, An Honest Review

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Do his M/M Work Rates make him a bad ST? Is he worth it? Thinking of using IF Schurrle as a ST in your Bundesliga/German Hybrid team? I use IF Schurrle with the "Sniper" chemistry style, in a 4-3-1-2 formation as one of the two ST's next to Lewandowski. This is my attempt to give an unbiased review of IF Schurrle in the ST position. I gave him an 8/10 as a LF playing ST, Im not saying he is one of the best ST in the game though... I hope this review helps yall out!NHL 16 Coins
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(Again, I dont use IF Schurrle as a LF in a 4-3-2-1 formation, I use him as a true ST in a two ST formation)

(IF YOU DONT LIKE TO READ, scroll down to PRO's and CON's for a quick rundown!)
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Let me guess, You want a fast ST in your Bundesliga/German Hybrid team but you want someone better than Adrian Ramos or Immobile and either you don't like using Reus or can't afford him? I thought the exact same thing. I love using Lewandowski as one of my two ST's but I wanted someone quick, better than Adrian Ramos, who could dribble and was good at finishing. Personally I dont like using Reus, I could afford Reus, but I just dont like playing with him so I thought I would try out IF Schurrle. I got IF Schurrle for 60,000 coins and at that price, He is definitely worth it I promise you. If you can afford to put a good, true ST like Lewandowski next to him, then he is really great value. If you dont have many coins but you can buy him for around 60,000 he is a great all around player and would probably work well for you.

Is he a good LF? Yes, one of the best. Is he a good LW? Yes, again, one of the best. Now... Is he a good ST? Yes. 100% Yes. ONLY if you use him correctly. Now this is all my opinion so if you manage to do well with him in other ways, more power to you, this is just what I've seen that works. You cant really use him as a lone ST in a 4-3-3 formation or 4-4-1-1 or something because his relatively low (80) rated positioning, very low (59) aggression and his M/M work rates will pull him out of position all the time and he just doesnt work well there. However, if you use him in a two ST formation next to a more technical, holding ST like Lewandowski, Suarez, or even Huntelaar, he really flourishes. Even in a two ST formation though, you probably should use the player instructions "Press Back Line" and "Get in Behind" on IF Schurrle just to make sure he stays up top and makes runs for through balls. Next to a true ST, and using the player instructions, IF Schurrle will not dissapoint as a ST and is a quality pacy ST.
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Yes, I know you might seem skeptical but I promise if you use him correctly and take a game or two to know how to use him properly, he is one of the best ST in Bundesliga or German Hybrid team only behind Reus and Lewandowski in my opinion. His 81 rated finishing really isnt a problem, he might miss a few shots because of it but he does have 4 star weak foot, 4 star skill moves, 93 ACCELERATION, 87 AGILITY, 88 DRIBBLING, 86 LONG SHOTS, AND 87 SHOT POWER. So even if you miss a shot or two in the box, he makes up for it with other amazing attributes and you should be able to get in a good enough position to score regardless. So trust me... Dont worry about his 81 finishing. He makes up for all of his shortcomings by being an amazing dribbler, and can outrun anyone with his amazing acceleration, agility and reactions. He is so fast that even his 79 Ball Control isnt a problem because he is such a good dribbler and so fast you dont even notice his poor ball control.
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+88 Dribbling, 93 Acceleration, 87 Agility, 85 Reactions (these stats combined, make up for almost all his shortcomings, and you can weave and dribble your way through most defenses without even sprinting)
+86 Long Shots, 4 star weak foot, 87 Shot Power, 81 Finishing (I know the Finishing seems low but combined with his weak foot, long shots and shot power, he is a very good finisher overall)
+Passing (One of his best Pro's, with 84 Short Passing, 82 Crossing, and 80 Vision, IF Schurlle is actually better than most ST at passing and he has gotten many assists on my team and is great for build up play. I know you might think passing isnt very important and you can basically make passes with any player but you will notice how precise and good his passes are compared to most other players)Fifa 16 Coins For Sale

CON'sFifa 16 Coins For Sale
-Positioning (Sometimes he comes back a little too far on defense because of his M/M workrates, BUT if you use player instructions and use him correctly it isnt too bad)
-SOMETIMES not the best finisher (Im not disregarding everything I said earlier about his Finishing and Shooting being good, It is good, and you will not be dissapointed. But every now and then you will miss an easy shot and be frustrated.

OVERALL: IF Schurrle in my opinion, makes a great ST in a two ST formation and is a very good pacy ST to try out in your Bundesliga/German Hybrid team. Fun to use and definitely worth it for the price.NHL 16 Xbox One Coins

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