The Striker Schurrle with FUT 16 Coins

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Games: 10
Goals: 14
Assits: 5
Chemistry style: BasicBlade and Soul Gold

First of all, I'd like to say that I did use the IF Andre Schürrle at striker on 6 chem. This may skew the results on his goals to games ratio. Secondly, you may think 14 goals in 10 games is not a lot, but it is for me. I play fairly defensive and usually only score 1-2 goals per game. So for one play to be averaging over 1 goal per game for me is incredible. Also, all games were played in the Champions Shield. Now, let me get into the detailed review of his stats.
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PACE: 89 - 9/10
Schürrle is lightning quick. Multiple times he was able to receive the ball, turn, and burst straight through my opponents back line. Also on a counter attack, even if I think I overweighted a through ball pass, he is able to catch up to the ball. There is not a CB in Fifa that could catch up to a sprinting Andre Schürrle. (Not even fucking Onuoha...Man I hate that guy) I give him only a 9/10 because there were times where his acceleration let me down a bit. Even though his accel is much higher than his sprint speed in his ingame stats, he seemed much faster once he got on a full run. Nevertheless, he is still very rapid.

SHOT: 84 - 10/10Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
This is probably his best aspect. Andre finishes EVERYTHING. Whether its a far-post finesse shot, or a near post power shot, If you shoot it, he'll put it in. I don't take many long shots, but I can see that they would be incredible with Andre due to to 86 long shots + 87 shot power. Finally his 4* WF more than does the job and I felt no difference between his left and right feet.
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PASSING: 80 - 8/10
Obviously as a striker, he didn't need to pass too much, but when I did, I got some mixed results. Sometimes he was able to thread a beautiful through ball to any of the 3 CAM's, and sometimes, his passes were flat, and not weighted properly. If you were using him as a winger, don't expect him to be making pinpoint passes every time, but he can do the job when needed.

DRIBBLING: 85 - 10/10Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
Schürrle was able to weave through my opponents defense like they weren't even there. He can change direction instantly, or perform challenging skill moves with ease. Also, his 4* SM were pretty handy while trying to get out of a tough situations.

As a LW, LF or St, he wont need to defend so his defending stat doesn't matter. However, I would not use him as a 352 LM, as his defending is not good enough to cover for the lack of defending players in that formation.
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PHYSICAL: 68 - 8/10
With this low physical, and the fact that Andre is more a speed/finesse player than a powerful one, I didn't expect much of his ability to hold of defenders. Although, to my surprise he was somehow able to hold off defenders fairly well. Don't expect defenders to bounce off of him like he is Ibra, but he can certainly hold of a defender long enough for him to slip free, or release a cracking shot.Fifa 16 Coins For Sale

Without a doubt Andre Schürrle has been the best player I've used in FUT 15 to date. His combination of speed, shooting, and dribbling is unmatched. Plus for only 30k (on Xbox) He is an absolute steal compared to other players in his position in the the Bundesliga (i.e Reus) who go for much more. He is a must have for any Bundesliga team.

Thanks for reading! - Ogren542.Cheapest Blade Soul Gold

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