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PACE: His pace felt very good and bang on around 89, with his acceleration being 93 he was able to get moving very quickly. This incredible initial burst of speed resulted in unstoppable pace over the first 10 yards, making beating a defender an absolute breeze. Inform Schurrle has a great turn of pace and feels rapid but with his sprint speed being slightly lower at 85 in game you will notice some slight drop off in pace after he had accelerated up to speed, enabling quicker full backs to stand a better chance of catching up over longer distances. Overall though this area is a fantastic strength on the card and with him being on the wing now it's something you can really take advantage of.Blade and Soul Gold

DRIBBLING: Overall this is a fantastic area on the card however there are parts that aren't as great as you might think they would be. His dribbling, 4 star skills and speed dribbler trait really do make for a great set of skills that make beating a defender very easy indeed. My only issue with his dribbling was that his first touch / ball control was quite low at 79 and actually felt worse than this stat suggests. Quite often he would get the ball played into him, take a poor / heavy touch and end up having the ball pinched off him, this was incredibly frustrating as you know he's got the ability to score and create goals, but by losing the ball so often it just instantly puts you on the back foot and kills a lot of your attacks. By in large his dribbling was very good, but his first touch was an issue and for me he just didn't feel like a Marco Rues who just seems / plays very special when he's on the ball.
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SHOOTING: Another mixed area for me unfortunately. He's definitely more than capable of scoring a goal or two but I wouldn't look to him for the majority of goals in your squad. His finishing at 81, shot power at 87 and long shots at 86 should result in a real unstoppable LW/LF but while he did chip in with goals for me, I felt a lot of his shots were quite tame and just went straight at the goalkeeper. His freekicks were the total opposite however, his Free-Kick stat doesn't initially suggest anything special but OMG was it! Literally everything I hit was on target and the majority went in or at least hit the post / crossbar. So if you do get a free-kick and you have IF Schurrle in your squad I would definitely recommend letting him have it.
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PASSING: His passing and crossing was very good. Obviously playing on the wing he's not going to be knocking to many 30/40 yard passes around but his short passing and crossing was bang on the money. Be it pinpoint crosses or chipped through balls, assists will naturally come for Schurrle, he is just so good at creating a yard of space allowing him to get a good pass or cross off into his teammates which makes creating chances a right doddle.
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DEFENDING: Not incredible but he's got more than most attacking wingers have. I found his pace put opponents under pressure and often forced errors and enabled him to make the odd ball winning tackle. I think Schurrle would make a great LM but equally he would work fantastically well at LW and LF where he wouldn't have to do much defending at all.Fifa 16 Coins For Sale

PHYSICAL: Again nothing to brag about here but then anyone wanting this card isn't exactly going to be expecting anything in this area in all fairness. Hi strength is pretty low and when combined with his size means that big defenders will bully him from time to time but IF Schurrle does have some great ways of combating this. His incredible agility, balance and ball control allow him to ride challenges very well and then using his insanely good pace you should be able to get away and free yourself up to use the ball in an effective way.
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OVERALL: 7.5/10 is the score I would have to give IF Schurrle. He has a lot of good points don't get me wrong, but theres just a few issues that for me make him a tad expensive compared to other options such as Reus regular card which I think is fantastic.

PRICE: His price isn't too bad, especially as incredibly cheap coins on the internet have played havoc with the market, but I still think there's better value out there.Fifa 16 Coins For Sale
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Worth Buying: If around 120k then definitely, otherwise I'd probably suggest looking into other options.

Recommended Position: He would play very well at any available position. I would personally recommend LW however.

Recommended Formation: Anything with a front 3, preferably a 433 variant or a 343 type formation would be ideal for Inform Schurrle.Cheapest Blade Soul Gold

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