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Trade offers were an enjoyable part of FIFA 14, giving players the possibility to propose swaps for cards instead of spending coins. Inevitably, coin sellers found a method to abuse the system so it had been removed this year, but perhaps it’s time for you to bring it back?

They’re another way of doing your Harry Redknapp style dealings within the transfer market and add a brand new element to the trading aspect of Ultimate Team. It’s also an enjoyable way to play with buddies, whether you’re swapping cards like 90s kids inside a playground or doing a pink slips game in which the loser must hand over the products fifa16geroab .

If EA are worried the machine will be http://www.mmo4pal.com/ exploited again, they might maybe restrict it slightly, only allowing players within the same price ranges to end up being swapped. That way you aren’t going every single child trade your 49 rated bronze keeper with coin sellers for any string of legends to help to make major profit.


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