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Submitted 2007-01-19 13:27:12 You can search the for what you looking on guns Arica or other similar sites. You can purchase from anywhere in the USA but it must be ipped to another dealer in your state.

The terms of the USA service rifles I would rend you get a book about the M1 carbine. There were many different variation and contrtors. Those made Rock-o-la are the most expensive.

The M1 Garand can be purchased from US ernnt directly if follow their criteria. Basically you need to be a mber of the NRACMP affiliated gun club and fire 80 rounds in matches. Both US rifles have bee very expensive lately. They go anywhere from $500 to 2000 range.

Beware of rewards guns that were cut in o and welded bk together. Again read up on rifles or any other gun that you might want to get. Make sure you know what you are looking for when you find a gun. Most important piece of information of all is to make sure that you see all the right docunts on that piece of firearm.

Military Mausers of all types are cheap and plentiful. So are under $200 and others under $100. I would go with WWII vintage rather WWI era rifles. Again first stop is picking up a book on Military Mausers. They were made and used all over the world.

The Briti SMLE is plentiful with newer ones that fire .308 wins the most expensive in the $300 to 400 ranges. Older ones in .303 are $150 to 250 ranges. Again there were many variation get a book on collecting them. Russian Moslin Nagant are cheap and plentiful and under $100.

The value of a Broomhandle Mauser is going to difficult to set considering it is just part of a collection and one of which I cannot inspect. Additionally Rusty Steelers Troy Polamalu Jersey , there are other issues in regards to the model 1896 (Broomhandle) that are unique concerns to the collector.

To begin with there are over 30 different modelsvariations of the Broomhandle and equally as many different retail values. I have no way of knowing which model that the firearm in question may be. Another issue that needs ntioning here is that the retail values are also going to vary due to matching stockholster. A correct matching set will add 40% to the value of the 1896. Non-matching stockholster will add beeen $350 and $600.

Also, over the years there have been large quantities of Broomhandle Mausers and Astra copies imported into the U.S. These are in fair to poor condition and have been offered for sale at relatively low prices mostly as parts guns. During recent years these very mon pistols have been "converted" to "rare, exotic, near mint, original" specins selling for four figures.

Since it is imprtical to try to list 30+ values X about a half dozen price setters, I can advise you that a Standard Warti Comrcial model in "good" condition has a retail value of about $800. That said, prices for other variations climb as high as $10,000.

A 1920 Rework would be selling for about $500 in "good" condition. Post war models as low as $600 in "good" condition. There are so Chinese copies that sell for as little as $350 in "good" condition.
The P38 is a very wide description of a host of Walthers. The retail value on such a gun is anywhere from $350 and up depending upon a list variable of which I have no way of knowing for certain.

The best advice that I can give you is that usually a person who has such a collection for sale with so items having special significance Steelers Ben Roethlisberger Jersey , they can provide a copy of an independent qualified appraisal of at least the firearms with collector interest such as the Mauser and Walther ntioned. I would ask for such docuntation before making an offer to purchase andor offer to hirepay for an appraisal you if the owner cannot provide sa. This is the best protection that you can obtain for yourself. Author Resource:- Victor Epand is an expert consultant for .CombatCloth.info. CombatCloth.info carries the best selection of bat clothing, gear, and cessories on the market.
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