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You can have a great time while Web Dating Perrish Cox Titans Jersey , and also be really successful at it. In addition, if you are seriously seeking the lifemate of your dreams, you can find her and win her through online dating. However, this material is about online dating for people seriously interested in a long term relationship, not just looking for cyber sex or cheap thrills. If that's what you're interested in you're reading the wrong article. TIPS 1. Focus on the things you really want in a woman Here's some interesting stuff gleaned from a Peoples Magazine poll (admittedly a few years back). What men saw as the most important single criteria in the woman they are seeking: 1. Sincerity (14%) 2. Sense of humor (11%) 3. A good body (9%) 4. Intelligence (8%) 5. Nice eyes (8%) 6. Ambition (6%) 7. A nice butt (5%) 8. A nice smile (4%) 9. Over 100 other features each of which ranked lower than 1%. Women were slightly less shallow, but not much. Here is their list: 1. Sense of humor (25%) 2. Sincerity (13%) 3. Nice eyes (9%) 4. Nice smile (8%) 5. Good body (7%) 6. Intelligence (5%) 7. Height (4%) 8. Ambition (4%) 9. A nice butt (1%). What does this tell you? Mostly it tells you that you aren't the only shallow guy out there who thinks that a woman's body is more important than her brains and her butt is more important than her smile. So relax, stop feeling guilty about what you really want in a woman, and just keep telling everyone it is the twinkle in her eye that you adore when it's really the size (or shape) of her breasts. The point of web dating, besides trying to find someone to become your lifemate Brian Orakpo Titans Jersey , is to have fun, to meet people easily, to experiment in a safety zone, and to find the women that really interest you while weeding out the rest before you go through the expense and pain of actually dating them in the real world. If large breasts are your primary interest in any woman you would ever wish to marry, then look through the thousands of available profiles for the girls with large breasts. Just don't tell her that's how you're narrowing the field. Of course it was the intelligence in her eyes that drew you to her. The point is you don't have to feel guilty or bad about your inner thoughts. Don't hurt people in the process, don't cause pain, but feel free to pursue what you really want, not what is deemed politically or socially correct. 2. Play the field You aren't cheating on her by also chatting with other Women on the same website, at least not until you've come to believe she is the one for you and you've made a serious commitment to her. Meanwhile Jeremiah Poutasi Titans Jersey , you're internet dating for crying out loud, you've never met her yet, touched her, even had dinner with her. This is the time to enjoy the chance to meet as many ladies as possible to ensure you find the one who is most compatible with you. Just be fair about it and let her enjoy the same opportunity. If, after lots of interplay with lots of people, she narrows it down to you, and you have narrowed it down to her, then you have a real chance at success. 3. Dress yourself up a bit This is your chance to put your best foot forward. Have some great (natural looking) photos taken of yourself. Put on your best clothes. Just like in real life, first impressions are lasting impressions. If she knows you can dress up and look good when the need arises Dorial Green-Beckham Titans Jersey , she's far less likely to hold it against you that sometimes (maybe most of the time) you look like the cat just dragged you in. Here are a few "photo" tips: (a) Your primary photo (the one that shows on the search pages and is first on your profile) is the first thing she will see of you, that is the one to really impress her with. So, that one should clearly show your face, smiling or cheerful, neat and trim, wearing a decent shirt. If you really wish to impress her, on the primary photo forget the following: * the photo of you wearing no shirt and showing your magnificent torso (A women searching for her lifemate may be happy you have a good body, but her primary concern is that you are a good man, and this photo as your primary photo makes it appear you are only after sex). * the photo of your private parts is not going to be published on a quality online dating site Marcus Mariota Titans Jersey , but it is going to get huge laughs from the staff before they reject it. * the one with you on your Harley is okay as a third or fourth photo, but first show her you can dress in a manner that she'll not be ashamed to be seen with you, or take you home to meet the family. * neat, clean, tidy but casual is a winner everytime. 4. Be careful about misunderstandings You are going to have misunderstandings sometimes, especially if she is from a different culture than you, a Chinese woman for example. You need to be patient and thoughtful about things she writes. So often something in the written word has a totally different meaning than if it is spoken face to face. "You are fat" in writing means you are fat, and it is kind of insulting, right? But if a woman says "you are fat" to your face with a great big adoring smile Shonn Greene Elite Jersey , then it may mean "you are fantastic" (one of the slang meanings of "fat", or it at least means you are a tiny bit overweight but she absolutely adores you and finds it hugely attractive. But add in that she is Chinese, and it can also mean you are overweight but that means you are healthy and happy and you will enjoy her cooking. Traditionally the Chinese feel that if their husband is fat they are taking good care of him, so you being a litle overweight can be a good thing. So look for the best meaning in everything, and if you can't find one, then say flat out "you just insulted me, did you mean to do that?" and give her a chance to explain and straighten it out. Don't sit there with hurt feelings. 5. Take a deep breath You are dating on you computer. Chances are that y.

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