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Avoid These 7 Link Building Mistakes Author: Bill Miller
Everywhere you look today nike air huarache hyper punch acheter , there's so SEO Guru trying to tell you what to do and what not to do when building links. It's no secret that SEO experts agree on very little. A recent survey at SEOMoz proved that point. If the top SEO experts around the World can not e to an agreent about what ould or ould not be done when building links, then what is the every day Joe supposed to do? Rand surveyed the Top 37 SEO experts in the World. Basically the Survey is a series of questions asked to eh expert. This group of experts could not e up with an agreent rating more than 1 on many of the questions! So now that we know the experts can't agree, I might as well tell you the mistakes I've made plus the ones I see done by many Webmasters. Failing to procure reciprocal links. I've seen so called SEO Guru's say that reciprocal linking is dead and they will hurt your site. This just isn't so. The important thing to rember is to make sure they links your trade are from quality sites. It doesn't matter if they're PR0, just make sure they're not from a spamadultpharmyhate type site. Reciprocal links can be on a resource page if you run a website or a Blogroll for you bloggers. Just rember to trade! Failing to quire low PR links. For so reason, many Webmasters do not want PR0 sites linking to them. This is link building suicide! One day, those PR0 sites could be the next PR5 or better. Frankly nike air huarache noir et blanche , I don't care who links to my sites. I can't control it and if they're passing any amount of authority, which even PR0 pass so, I'll take it. It also looks natural when you have many more low authority sites pointing to your site than all high PR sites. Failing to link out. Once again, we're talking about making your site look natural to the Search Engines, especially Google. Authority sites link out to other authority sites. Google expects to see this. I can't tell you how many tis Ive had a site stuck in the SERPS only to get a little boost when I linked to a higher authority site. So link out to authority sites! Failure to check your reciprocal link partners websites. Once you exchange links with soone, you need to follow up on a routine basis and make sure the link bk to your site is still there. So sites go down nike air huarache triple white pas cher , aounts are closed, domains let expired and purchased by soone else, Webmasters changing website topics and so Webmasters simply taking your link down after you exchange links. I've seen people put the "nofollow" attribute on the links after they've made a trade. I've seen it all happen, that's why I monitor my link partners and you ould also. Failing to use Anchor text in your link. If soone gives you the opportunity to use Anchor text in the link bk to your site, use it! In my opinion, anchor text in a bklink is the second biggest off page ranking ftor for seo. Only the relevancy and authority of the page where the bklink originates is more important in my experience. Failing to cover up your paid link footprints. Look nike air huarache triple black pas cher , from here to the end of ti, people will sell links. And from here to the end of ti, Google will be trying to find paid links. And from here to the end of ti, you'll see blogs, websites and blog works (think Bklink Solutions) get de indexed for selling links. If you're going to buy or sell links, you'd better be hiding your footprint or Big Daddy G is going to find you one dark nike huarache free run pas cher , cold and stormy night. There are several ways of hiding your footprint, I covered one way in my link laundering article a few weeks ago. Failing to build links. I see people on the forums all the ti asking how they ould go about link building or how to get started link building. Many say they don't know how and so they don't even try. People! I hate link building as much as the next person, but it's not Rocket Science. You may be able to rank high in a low petitive keyword niche with on-page SEO, but for a petitive niche where's there's money to be made, you're going to need so relevant bklinks! TIP: One of the most effective link building strategies you can perform is to find out who's linking to your petition and get links from them. You simply go to Google and type in link:yourpetitorssite,. You'll then get a list of sites that are linking to your petitors site. Browse that site to see if there is a ple to put a link to your own site at. If not nike air huarache noir pas cher , simply Contt the person running the site and ask kindly for a link. Many tis they will not respond, but so will. Now, out of those sites, do the sa thing. See who's linking to them and get links from those sites! This is probably the easiest way to get relevant bklinks but it's a technique very few Bloggers and Webmasters use!

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