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Give birth there is death. Grave culture is almost the same as a long history of human civilization nike air huarache black white , human civilization is an important part of the history. Whatever the nationality, no matter which continent, the ancient tombs are implying that national wealth of information at that time. Ancient ancestors of the modern people's understanding of anthropology and archeology from the knowledge here, and burial cultural anthropology and archeology for the establishment and development, not only provided inspiration, but also provides the most convincing empirical evidence. Tomb of evil equally long-standing. Historical records: Tomb evil dynasties have occurred, still in the war's staggering. Meanwhile, both those in power "official piracy" and also the private sector "private theft." Luo areas, is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. "Luoyang ancient imperial state", since the first dynasty, the Xia Dynasty in Chinese history to establish the beginning, there Xia nike air huarache size 12 , Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty, Eastern Chou, Han, Wei, Western Jin, Northern Wei, Sui and other 13 dynasties had its capital in Luoyang, in the last 1500 years in the long history, there have been 104 Royal Park Imperial on this, orders the world. 1500 years, the numerous in this all-powerful man of the emperors, the big screen at the time linked up nike air huarache triple black for sale , the reversion of loess. Their tomb, the bears come down to the masterpiece of Chinese civilization treasures and many socio-economic and cultural information. Thus, there is a Tomb and the Tomb of the game against. Days ago, I went to the Central Plains newspaper. In Luoyang, a Block, Central Plains and the surrounding small town, heard much the same civil Evaluation: After the Chinese dynasties of the excavation, the tomb in Luoyang around 10 points so far have been about nine empty. North Mang mountain board, I discovered, "was born in Suzhou, buried in the North Mang," Chun are standing on the northeast corner of Luoyang city in Henan Province Luoyang vicinity of the prison door nike air huarache triple black , looked up to see the North Mang mountain. North Mang Shan, also known as the North Mountain, Mang Mountain, elevation 300 meters. It is the Qinling Mountains of Mountains, "Mountains are not high", the unique geographical location, so that North Mang Shan in China, has a unique geographical and cultural significance, absolutely not be underestimated. Historian of Tang Dynasty China Institute director Mr. Zhao Genxi deliberately got on the North with Mangshan. North Mangshan stretches of the Yellow River south, east and west over a hundred years. Standing on the south looking north Mang Shan, open terrain, the Iraqi water nike shox monster sale , Luo Guan from west to east and slowly flows through the city of Luoyang, more distance is Songshan. Unique geographical location, is to be the ancient tomb to "Pillow Hill kicking river" of geomancy, was laid to rest here as ancient ideal of "feng shui treasure." This custom spread millennium, Chinese and even have a "born in Suzhou, and was buried in North Mang," said. Tang Dynasty poet Wang a poem: "North Mangshan first few idle land, full of people old tomb in Luoyang." Bai left behind "what does not with the East Luoshui, if someone has buried North Mang Shan," the poem. North Mang Shan, the existing phase L? Buwei there Qin, emperor of the Southern Chen cheap nike shox nz , Southern Tang Li Yu, the Western Jin Dynasty Sima Han Guangwu of the original tomb, and the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, a large Calligraphy Yen Chen and other famous ancient family tomb. On the "North Mang no wau-land," the unusual explanation?? "Mass graves have been a little more open space with a cow lying no", Zhao does not agree with the hi: "Not really no one can lay the mountains ground beef, but to all the places have the Lord. "is" North Mang tomb high Saga ", Qin, Han, Jin, Northern and Southern famous families have built the tomb in the North Mang Shan, the common people have to buy can not afford a cemetery north Mangshan. In addition to the ancients "Pillow Hill kicking river" of geomancy nike shox r4 clearance , North Mangshan what characteristics have attracted a dynasty of their ancestors? In North Mangshan the cliff, I turned to see a unique mountain: North Mangshan the mountain of red clay, in a 12 m thick enough layer of red clay under a layer of 10 cm to 30 cm is not such as the white clay layer; this layer below the clay layer, is 3-5 m thick red clay; red following is a layer of white clay, and this layer of clay below the thick red mud remains. Past, this white clay, such as the sizes of the lime component; a distance, the whole layers of mountains, North Mangshan really as bad as historians said, "layers deep." Mr. Zhao Genxi pointing writer: "North Mangshan not only depth of soil thickness, there is a special geological conditions. And white clay layer that is the last people to eat Guanyin Tu famine years, the locals call 'material stiff stone'." Mr. Zhao Lao said: "No water nike shox clearance , no collapse, moisture, and strong, is the tomb of a long time to maintain the basic requirements. Guanyin Tu on the ancient tomb of maintaining very favorable, i

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