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To nature Connor Barwin Jersey , into the forest, more and more people today enjoy the outdoor leisure pursuit to bring a fresh clean. In recent years, the popularity of outdoor leisure, and promote outdoor sports market has been heating up, more and more domestic and international brand outdoor sports market began beachhead. It is understood, some are fitted shoes, sports shoes or shoe companies, have chosen in the transformation outdoor sports fields, or agency business, or brand. Quanzhou, China's sports type shoes brand as a gathering place, outdoor sports brand to become the city's sports industry is a new blue ocean. Extended to the outdoor sports shoes manufacturers Recently, the production of business and leisure shoes, wooden lions known Linsen Shoes Co. Mark Sanchez Jersey , Ltd., a high-profile announcement to enter the outdoor sports market. Known as the local production of leather shoes company, Mu Linsen the extension of the outdoor sports market, showing the Quanzhou shoes prices on the growing outdoor sports market value. The extension of new markets, Linsen wood is employed by way of cooperation with the lions another enterprise "Ba Island Light Industry Co., Ltd." set up a new company, joint effort to build wooden Linsen outdoor sports brand. Huan, chairman of the new company had worked with real estate, trade processing. Outdoor sports market as bullish on China, Huan even in the brand balance between the brand and the agency decided to do their own brand. "Brand management agency eventually others, can do only century-old brand." Huan-lien. Huan even the Morning Post reporter, the new name of the company is still wood Linsen, but will adopt a new logo design for the outdoor sports and leisure business to distinguish. He said that this year, wood outdoor sports Linsen invested 50 million yuan will start the market Darren Sproles Jersey , invested one hundred million yuan will also be used to expand the market, complete construction of 200 terminal locations. Linsen for wood in outdoor sports field extension of China Leather Association, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General Su Chaoying that the lions is the bridgehead of China's leisure industry, where the impact of the birth of a number of Chinese leisure trend toward the leading brand of leather, wood into outdoor Linsen leisure industry, is implementing a multi-category strategy Quanzhou shoes new attempt. This is integrated light of the China Leather Industry, it is a typical, China Leather Association will continue to focus and support the rise of outdoor brands. Outdoor sports shoe company's own brand In addition to shoe manufacturers, a number of shoe companies doing foreign trade and have also involved in outdoor sports market. Into the source (Fujian) Footwear Co., Ltd. for many years to do foreign trade processing. For the domestic outdoor sports market bullish, this year, the company has actively introduced its "day slope London" brand, For outdoor sports products in China, grab the market share. The brand of English called "TOPLAND" Jason Peters Jersey , translated in Chinese as "the highest point of land" means. Tin Lun said relevant slope, facing all kinds of outdoor sports brand on the market one after another great importance to China will soon enter the outdoor sports market competitive situation. As have the many years of experience in foreign trade processing company, Singapore-day London to hit "the science and technology licensing." In the "fully experience the passion of nature and outdoor professional equipment to bring the healthy, active" idea driven, the company sought to bring comfort for outdoor sports enthusiasts, fashion, health, product experience. Meanwhile, sales channels for the terminal layout, slope day 2010 London continued to practice their "full advantage of commanding heights" of the brand slogan, to sub-regional distribution system strategy, the existing market segments, the implementation of point-tracking service to promote the sound development of network, raising the survival rate of single-point Riley Cooper Jersey , channel development contract from the extensive type to type. According to report, there are still Quanzhou, Fu Shun shoes, sporting goods company Bosch Wu, Fujian Footwear Co., Ltd. and a number of cable forces are brand shoe, open up the outdoor sports market. Fujian Cable Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in strength shoe shoe manufacturing enterprises. Since last year, the company's attempt to create brand the way, the selected outdoor sports market is the emerging market. Singapore London the same day as cable force also stressed that "science and technology licensing." The Chairman Wu Qingyong mentioned cable force will introduce German technology casual shoes, casual shoes Korea joint development agencies to improve the technical content of outdoor features, and strive to provide the market with superior quality outdoor recreation shoes. Quanzhou Footwear Association, president of the small waves on the cable forces and other outdoor sports shoe area in recent years, made sure to open up. D wave that is now rising as people's living standard Authentic Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , out of the city, breathing fresh outdoor air, very thick blue sky, into the embrace of mountains, which has become the pursuit of life and higher. Quality of life awareness triggered a broad market of outdoor leisure products. D wave, said the transformation of these enterprises shoes, Quanzhou shoes will bring some future development of guidelines for restructuring the role. China Leather Industry Research Institute Yang Chengjie that now Quanzhou brands such as wood have Linsen outdoor sports market to Taiwanese enterprises to face market reflects the diverse needs of the innovative spirit of change initiative. He believes that with the improvement of living standard, people's lifestyle changes have also occurred, but also on the demand for daily necessities to the multiple directions. Chinese people on the demand for shoes to wear cloth shoes from the original development of.

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