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How to change your attitude to change your life.

1.1. Aept you just as you are. Pay close attention to your internal chatter and make it more positive. Make a list right now, a list of all your strengths.

1.2. Create. Go to www.digitaldreamboard.. Play and relax whilst creating a dream board

1.3. Visualization. Take 15 minutes to imagine yourself on a beautiful beh. Walk along the oreline. Use your senses to hear, see, sll and feel the beh. Meet a wise old sage who gives you a gift. What gift did you receive today?

1.4. Pe and Balance Yourself. Take mini breaks throughout your day. During these mini breaks do the opposite of what you are doing the rest of the ti. Ie if you sitting down at work concentrating, then move about and free your mind from thinking. If you ruing around a lot the stop, sit down and breathe, do so visualization to relax.

1.5. Don`t Compare. You are unique and are not on this earth to pete with everyone else. You do not have to asure up or hieve anything. Authentic happiness es from deep inside yourself and enjoying just being who you really are.

1.6. Positive Psychology. The power of your mind is so underestimated. Using affirmations is a wonderful tool for training your mind to bee more useful to you. Write out a few negative statents. For example. I am a failure and I will never be happy. This changes to I am the architect of my own life and create happiness by just being.

1.7. Determination. Make a mitnt now to use your strengths and ignore your weakness.

1.8. Meditation. Learn how to do it. Then do it. It really works. It is a major key in taking steps towards experience authentic happiness, without it the mind is always striving, in striving we lose the way.

1.9. Blaming. Like I bet you can find reasons to explain why you are angry, frustrated Seantrel Henderson Jersey , depressed, miserable, etc. However much I blad in the past, eventually I learnt that I had to give it up if I wanted to be free, authentic happiness is emotional freedom. The key to emotional freedom is to be released from the past. If you suffered as a child then get a therapist to help you release the pain, then mit to healing.

1.10. Heal. Authentic happiness is a by product of healing past pain. Love is a great way to heal and people who work as healers can bring great pee into your day. Explore healing energies such as Reiki, massage etc and see how you can release the pain from your body.

1.11. Food. Authentic happiness and feeling positive about life creates balance. The more positive you bee, the less you will want to over eat or eat food that is bad for your health.

1.12. Needs. All humans have basic needs. In order to experience authentic happiness at levels of say 9 or 10 you must et these needs. You have to feel safe and secure in this world, you have to have fun, challenges and adventure Sammy Watkins Jersey , you must be loved and you must love, you need to feel significant and important, you need to grow and you need to feel that in so way you make a difference, you contribute to the world. Think about your needs and how and who ets them.

1.13. Addiction. Addiction is not bad. Being addicted is human nature. When we find sothing that makes us feel good we get addicted to it. This is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness as human. Authentic happiness begins when you reple your negative addictions with positive addictions. Find things you love to do, help people, take personal growth workops, pu yourself out of your fort zone and bee addicted to the things that are good for you.

1.14. People. I had a friend who used to say ” The havest is vast and the workers are few” bee one of the workers. Nothing creates more lasting positive feelings and authentic happiness than doing sothing that helps soone else. Don’t do it for approval or credit, do it quietly and go unnoticed, watch how you start to develop self esteem.

1.15. Self Esteem. People with great self esteem are working on being less “self” focused. They mit to helping others, to listening more Ross Cockrell Jersey , to taking less, to giving more. They also learn that a wise woman waters her own garden first. Cos bk to balance again.

1.16. Don`t martyr your soul. As above do not try to give to others what you can`t give to you. No matter how hard you try to love others, the secret of attrtion in life is that energy is all we got. So if your energy is an towards you, you will only ever attrt that to yourself. Bee your own best friend, romance yourself, bee soone you really like. Other people will mirror bk to your the quality of the relationip you have with yourself, so make it a good one. Balance again, don’t over indulge and don’t be an to you. Find the balance and you will find balanced people attrt you. Balance is where the drama and pain stops and the love begins.

1.17. Smile. My f.

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