Shoe Care for Inclement Weather

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Use saddle soap to remove dirt and small marks from shoes before treating them with any product. Wipe the leather with a damp cloth to remove dirt, adidas ultra boost then rub a clean cloth in saddle soap. Make sure there is enough water on the shoes to create a lather, then rub on the saddle soap. Allow the shoes to dry slightly, then wipe off the lather with a clean damp cloth. Allow the shoes to dry before applying a waterproofing product.

Waterproofing Compound

Treat shoes with a waterproofing compound to create a protective, water- resistant coat. Making leather entirely waterproof, however, is not possible. Apply a waterproofing compound, which comes in spray, wax and liquid forms, and allow the shoes to dry.

Wax Polishes

Use a wax-based shoe polish to create shine and form a thin protective layer that can seal out water. Apply a thin layer of wax and distribute it evenly. Use sparingly to avoid staining the leather. Treat new footwear with wax before wearing and apply wax as frequently as once a week or once a month, depending on how often shoes are worn.

Remove Salt Stains

Remove salt stains as quickly as possible to prevent permanent damage. Soak a clean cotton cloth in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar, then rub the solution on the salt stain. adidas zx 420 Apply sparingly to avoid saturating the leather. Wipe with a clean towel and allow the shoes to dry. Repeat if necessary.

Drying Wet Shoes

Dry shoes that have become soaked from snow or rain by stuffing them with newspaper. Allow shoes to air dry at room temperature and keep them away from direct heat, adidas springblade which will dry out and potentially crack leather. Once the leather cracks, there is no way to repair it and save your shoes. Remove the newspaper and stuff with cedar shoe trees to ensure that shoes keep their shape.

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