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Good news, every runescape players!

It is confirmed that Jagex currently is looking into the idea of a graphical rework regarding Dagannoth Kings, along with the introduction of the “hard mode” version. A conceit to blend the hard mode Dagannoth together with dungeons has drew a lot of attentions already.

Rework & hard setting of Dagannoth kings are officially announced
Jagex Mod Raven has posted they are looking into the idea of a rework of Dagannoth Nobleman. Meawhile they are considering the introduction of a “buy runescape gold” model for Dagannoth kings. But they cannot build anything too complex, so it would still conserve the same level layout without having new animations.

Suggestion: combine hard-mode Dagannoth nobleman with dungeons
For this hard mode version of Dagannoth, an idea from a gamer successfully attracts Jagex’ as well as players’ attentions quickly. It is suggested which hard mode Dagannoth kings could make fully use of the full dungeon, like a raid. To open hard setting, players will start off in the dungeon entrance, work the way from the dungeon against tougher mobs in addition to dagannoth sentinels before eliminating the Kings. Thus, there should be a couple of or 4 players regarding hard mode.

Besides, the plot should give Spinolyps some values. When a king is approximately to die and other kings remain up. And then the injured king retreats towards water while Spinolyps service and protect it.
Finally, people who win the raid will get loot. After that, people can either dont stop learning . and do the manager fight until they be used up of supplies, or restart the dungeon raid once more. Certainly, these two choices would likely award differently.

This is really an interesting plan. And it has picked up a burst of applause through Jagex and RS followers, so what would you choose for Dagannoth Kings challenging mode? Anyway, RS3gold will be back with cheap Runescape 3 gold available for sale. Time to prepare pertaining to Dagannoth Kings hard setting!
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