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After Softball girls game http://www.authenticsaintsfanatic.com/Black-Drew-Brees-Saints-Jersey.html?cat=866 , Nerd, Coach Ron, Mrs. Coach & softball traveled three (3) hours on Saturday before mothers day weekend down to San Diego to have dinner with the Rootzoo man Jesse Boskoff and his friend Royce.

We called him from the car when we were about an hour out of San Diego to firm up our plans. We were surprised to find he was at the Zoo! (The famous SD zooWe thought, well thats kind of odd, and our zoo keeper was at the zoo).

We checked into our corner suite at the grand Hyatt and then we set out for our rendezvous http://www.authenticsaintsfanatic.com/Black-Delvin-Breaux-Saints-Jersey.html?cat=878 , we caught up with Jesse and Royce at his hotel and our adventure began.

Meeting him for the 1st time was very cool. I would describe him as your regular guy who is very dedicated to his work. Baseball nerd says he was shocked to find out he was only human. Jesse was in SD to visit their other friend from high school Saul who is working on his PHD and he was able to make time for us to take in a Padre Baseball game. We were given Jake Peavy T- shirts, and got to witness Greg Maddux's 350th career win.

After walking around the block a few times, we finally settled on a local sport bar and grill. Jesse talked about the beginnings of the site and that now he is happy with the current site design and the way the site is running. But he is also very anxious to continue to make improvements on the site. Jess is very driven to always make the site better and to get more users on the site. He said that there were now 23,000 users on the site, but he was unclear how many of those were activeWe had (5) active users at dinner!!!.

He described how active he is creating the daily challenge questions. He thinks that one day fairly soon we will have a big winner. I told him the best that I got was 1015 http://www.authenticsaintsfanatic.com/Black-Dannell-Ellerbe-Saints-Jersey.html?cat=892 , which isnt bad but still 5 away from that Plasma that would look so good in my living room. He even had described how he was writing questions while in a cab the other day. Some questions are easy but some are pretty hard and he works out the questions and calculates the odds of getting them right.

Jesse does a lot of advertising for the site to bring in new members. He dose a lot of online ads from Google and several other sites. He mentioned that we will be seeing more advertising on the Rootzoo site as a source of income for the company. Contrary to popular belief Jesse purchases all the prizes himself, Trips, TVs Stub Hub and even his Root Zoo Shirts all come out of his operating budget. I asked him if he gets any of this at discounts and he told me he just goes out to purchase like you and I would. He is excited about sending Rootzoo member Mack the Finger to the NBA Finals, for winning the NBA contest.

Jesse ran a sales office before starting root zoo, and now it is his full time passion. The site started over a year ago with only 3 employees. He now has more than doubled in employee size and he currently has 9 employees including his brothers http://www.authenticsaintsfanatic.com/Black-Craig-Robertson-Saints-Jersey.html?cat=890 , who have helped him a lot with many aspects of the site.

One of Jesses biggest goals is to make the site even more user friendly for new users, with explanations how to maneuver and use the site. He is currently working with his designers and programmers and is welcome to suggestions from current users.

You will find Jesse Boskoff on the site from time to time and he is actually in an anonymous Root Off over the weekend, he may even be a few groups as well. He is very excited to be launching Rootzoo video soon. We should see that in the next few days.

The offices of Rootzoo are currently in his NY apartment but if the right opportunity comes along he would rent the right office space as he gets bigger. But for now you can find him busy at work in his home office or the local coffee shop doing Zoo work. He said it is hard to imagine what goes on behind the scenes of Rootzoo.He works very hard and sometimes has crazy days. Late hours not uncommon.

I was surprised to hear that Jesse is not a gambler but is very active in his fantasy baseball and some football pools. He seemed very low key in San Diego but he said in business he has a completely different side. He is very proud of what the site has become over the short period of time, but has a much grander plan. The site is still in its infancy stage and many new things are being planned daily.

The site is not out of the red yet, and hopefully soon he will be turning a profit
Our night with Jesse ended with us meeting his PHD friend and hearing that our Rootzoo man was going out to enjoy the San Diego night life.

Jesse was leaving back for NY early in the morning and after a long night of partying he was not available to have breakfast.

It was great for all of us to have a chance to meet him http://www.authenticsaintsfanatic.com/Black-Coby-Fleener-Saints-Jersey.html?cat=885 , he was very sincere, very personable, and was open with us about the Zoo. It was a great night.

Thanks to Jesse Boskoff for spending time with Coach, Nerd and Softballgrl and especially Mrs. Coach for going to meet Jesse in SD on Mothers day weekend!
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