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Napoli Seeks Four Year Deal With Red Sox Mariners Pursuing - RealGM Wiretap
Mike Napoli is looking for a four-year deal on the free agent market.

The Red Sox reportedly have made Napoli an offer Tom Glavine Braves Jersey , but it is believed to be for three years. He's holding out for another year.

Napoli is scheduled to meet with the Mariners this week and is hoping they will go the extra mile, according to sources.

Beckenbauer Concerned Bayern Will Become Unwatchable Like Bar - RealGM Wiretap

While Bayern Munich has emerged as the strongest team in the world, honorary club president Franz Beckenbauer is concerned Pep Guardiola's emphasis on possession will make the team too much like Barcelona.

“We’re going to end up being unwatchable like Barça," said Beckenbauer after Bayern advanced to the Champions League Quarterfinals by eliminating Arsenal.

"No one will want to watch us, because the players will be passing the ball backwards from the goal-line. My vision is different. If I have the chance to shoot from distance, especially in front of a crowded defense, I would take it. It is the most efficient way Phil Niekro Braves Jersey , though I accept that it’s 100 percent up to the players."

Source Large Market Teams Inquiring About Stanton - RealGM Wiretap

The Marlins are reportedly hesitant to deal Giancarlo Stanton after this month's huge trade with the Blue Jays.

However, that hasn't kept a number of teams from inquiring about his availability.

The Phillies, Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles, Cubs, and many more are calling Orlando Cepeda Braves Jersey , according to a major league source.

锘? Most types of sports equipment like a golf club, a tennis racquet or a baseball bat have a certain spot that, if the ball hits it, will give the player the optimal result. Hitting this sweet spot yields a long drive down the fairway, a swift crosscourt return or home run swing. Every sport has a sweet spot of some type. If you have experienced it, you know when you hit the sweet spot, you barely feel it. The ball goes where you want it to go - even further and faster. Doesn't get any better than that!

But what about the sport of leadership? Aren't we professional athletes in our own right?

Those in professional sports practice 90+ percent of the time and actually "play for keeps" less than 10 percent of the time. As professional leaders Nick Swisher Braves Jersey , we are almost always "playing for keeps." So it's particularly important that we take time to plan and ensure that we are optimizing our sweet spot.

Did you know the average person possesses between 500 and 700 different skills and abilities? A common defining moment for people is finding that skill or ability that's right in their sweet spot. As leaders, we have a huge opportunity to help our employees find their sweet spots, too.

The first step is ensuring a good fit between an employee's natural abilities and interests and the requirements of the job. This would ensure the "highest and best use" of their talents toward the realization of our high-definition vision. Wouldn't we just love having every single team member working in their sweet spot? We would always be in "the zone" and work would feel like play.

Our ability to match sweet spots to job requirements is the best predictor of job success and, ultimately, of excellent performance. It all starts with a moment to plan for the use of talent on our team.

Let's not forget about ourselves in this matching process. Gaining insights into our own sweet spot as leaders helps us better determine how to design roles and deploy the talent on our team. For example, if my sweet spot is conceptually designing complex deals, I better ensure I have a strong analyst on my team. If my sweet spot is analyzing lots of details and numbers Nick Markakis Braves Jersey , I want some conceptual, big picture thinkers on my team.

Want to know an easy way to find your sweet spot? Look at the intersection of these two questions:

1. What am I absolutely passionate about?
2. Which tasks are very easy and natural for me to perform?

Most of us vividly remember the moment we found our professional sweet spot. Others told us we made it look easy, that we really excelled and we looked like we were having a ball. Think of the last time when others made these comments to you. What were you doing? Like finding any sweet spot, it's worth hitting these questions around for awhile and practicing our answers before we can serve up a winner.

Ralph V. Gilles understands this process. He dropped out of college and was spending most of his time, by his own admission, slacking in his parents' basement, eating granola Michael Bourn Braves Jersey , watching "Dukes of Hazard" reruns and lamenting the sorry state of automobiles being made in America.

Growing up, Gilles was typical of most boys who played with Hot Wheels and Formula 1 model cars. But, as a teenager, he also was extremely talented in sketching vehicles. In fact, his aunt wrote a letter to then Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca, saying he should hire her 14-year-old nephew.

A Chrysler executive responded, recommending three design schools. Soon afterward Kelly Johnson Braves Jersey , however, the letter was lost and forgotten. Meanwhile, the car-crazy Gilles completed high school and enrolled in college to study engineering, but dropped out quickly. His reason: "I was in a funk and was really not sure I wanted to be an engineer."

As he continued his granola, "Dukes of Hazard" routine down in the basement, Ralph's older brother, Max Julio Teheran Braves Jersey , recalled the letter from Chrysler. He remembered that one of the recommended schools was Detroit's College for Creative Studies. Upset to see Ralph wasting his time and talent, Max pushed his brother to apply to the local school although the application deadline was only a week away and would req.

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