Ferritic stainless steel

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Commonly used ferritic stainless steel carbon content of less than 0.15%, chromium content of 12 to 30%, also belong to the chromium stainless steel, typical steel has 0Cr13, 1Cr17, 1Cr17Ti, 1Cr28 and so on. As the carbon content is correspondingly reduced, the amount of chromium is correspondingly increased, and the microstructure of the steel is always single-phase ferrite structure when it is heated from room temperature to high temperature (960-1100 ℃. Its corrosion resistance, plasticity, weldability are better than martensitic stainless steel.316 stainless steel sheets for sale

For high chromium ferritic stainless steel, its ability to resist oxidation medium corrosion is strong, with the increase of chromium content, corrosion resistance and further improve.316 Stainless Steel Sheet

Steel by adding titanium, can refine grain, carbon and nitrogen stability, improve the toughness and weldability of steel. Ferritic stainless steel, because of heating and cooling does not occur when the phase change, it can not use the heat treatment method to strengthen the steel. If the heating process of grain coarsening, only the application of cold plastic deformation and recrystallization to improve the organization and improve performance. Such steel if the 450 ~ 550 ℃ stay, will cause steel embrittlement, known as "475 ℃ brittle." The brittleness can be eliminated by heating to about 600 ° C and then rapidly cooling. Also note that this type of steel in the 600 ~ 800 ℃ long-term heating will produce a hard and brittle σ phase, the material σ-phase brittle.8 gauge stainless steel wire mesh

In the case of quenching at 9250C or higher, intergranular corrosion tends to occur and brittleness due to significant grain coarsening occurs. These phenomena are serious problems for the welding parts. The former can be tempered by 650 ~ 815 ℃ short-term elimination. The strength of this type of steel is clearly lower than the martensitic stainless steel, mainly for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant parts, widely used in nitric acid and nitrogen fertilizer industry.discount stainless steel for sale

Ferritic stainless steel
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