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All we have to do is focus

All we av to do is focus! We av to believe in this. If we dnt believe try. Nothing will ever change for the better. We cud say sumat every morning when we get up. Anybody got any ideas? Maybe sumat like. "To all the perps in the world. You cannot harm me nomore. The harder you try. The weaker you become. I am God! God is me. Now FEEL OUR POWER!". Shit. That aint a bad sayn?. I think i'll use that meslf. I wonder wot frequency our brains wud giv off the effect it wud av on all the perps in the world. If we ALL said this sayn at the same time each day? Thats EVERYDAY!! TI'S. if our frequencies are endless they av an effect in the world. Then the sayn ive jus made up? Well ive just created a new frequency to use against the perps! So who's wiv me?! ; ) And why are perps after us. Why not everybody? Wot do we have that the person next to us doesnt? Are we guardians in the next life? Or do the perps kno that if we focus our energy and use our minds Good Replica Cartier Love Ring Pink Gold,. Together we can overpower destroy wotever their using against us?!. We ti's have something they want. Or sumat they dnt want us to progress in. Are we givn off some sort of different energy than most. Their attackn our energy. But most of all our brains!. Can we open some part of our brain that we av forgot to use?

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The thing is tho. The perps tech was never around when God made the earth when he made us in his image. Were made of energy have a soul. But if perps have made tech to capture this. And stick us in a so cold jar or sumat. Then how is God gona safe us? And trust me i do believe in God. He gave us the greatest gift of all Replica Cartier Love Necklace Yellow,. Free Will. We always have a choice in wotever we do. whenever we think of him?. Were sending out a thought which is a frequency!. Right???


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