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If you aess web-based services such as social working websites Mike Quick Eagles Jersey , ssage forums, or online banking applications, you've probably had to register for a user aount. This sotis drawn-out process required you to enter a login na as well as a password (or get one assigned to you), providing so sense of security when aessing the service. Since good passwords (not the words 'puter' nor 'secret') can be almost impossible to rember (such as a ten charter bination of letters, numbers, and punctuation), many services now use a "security question" you can answer in case you forget your userna andor password and need to retrieve or reset them. By offering a security question, these services can help ensure it is really you when a request is made for your login information. So websites may even require answering this security question as well as your password every ti you use their services, offering a supposed second level of aount security. Security questions are normally fts that supposedly only you can recall, information that ould not change. Several mon examples are listed below: * First School Attended * Mother's Maiden Na * Na of First Pet * Where a Spouse was First Met So websites force you into answering a predefined question, a popular one being your mother's maiden na. Others offer a list of questions from which you may choose, but so may allow you to type your own questions and answers. This allows you to enter private information such as the na of your favorite musical group, the na you gave a pet rock, or the celebrity poster you pled on your wall as a kid. Unfortunately, the answers to so security questions are well-known, easy guessed Harold Carmichael Jersey , can be obtained online, or can be found via public records or a private investigator (and if soone truly wants aess to your aount they may go through a lot of trouble). Thus, these questions, while provided to either offer a second level of security or remove the need for custor service representatives to otherwise verify identity when you request a new password, can cause all sorts of trouble. Especially if only a security question is required to obtain or reset a password, or even a bination of a security question and other pieces of personal information, if soone can guess or obtain the answers to your questions, it is open season on your aount! This type of secret question and answer hking can and has affected many individuals, including famous people. As an example, aording to reports, 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin had her e-mail aount brehed when soone allegedly answered a few questions during a password reset request. The questions were her birthday, zip code, and where e t her spouse (Wasilla High), information available on the web or easily guessed. Now that you know how easy it may be for others to aess your aount via a security question, what can you do to help protect yourself? * If offered the choice, pick the most obscure security question offered or type your own question and answer if this feature is available. Pick sothing you and only you may know - sothing you are positive is not available in public records Tommy McDonald Jersey , your Febook page, or elsewhere online. Never use your mother's maiden na, social security number, or birthple, as these can either be found or cause other security and privy problems if soone does hk the aount and read the answers to your security questions. * Use different security questions for eh and every service. No matter how secure you make your aount, it can get hked due to lkluster security procedures of the web service provider or even due to an inside job. Soone could read the answers to your security questions and use these to gain aess to your aounts on other websites! * Consider treating your security question's answer as a second password. You can either encrypt the answer by repling the letter 'O' with a number 0, the letter 'l' with a number 1, the letter 'a' with the @ symbol, etc., though as dictionary attks bee more advanced this may bee less effective. Or "go crazy" and create nonsensical answers just like your passwords as a bination of letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols. The downside to this thod is that your answer may be impossible to rember so you'll have to store it sowhere. And if you do forget your security question answer or cannot find it, you may never be able to reset your password! As a best case scenario you might be able to call custor service or send a copy of your ID to prove your identity. These processes could take a long ti, problematic if, for example, you need to use an online banking service to pay your utilities bill today. And rember that so sites may require you to answer your security question every ti you login Herman Edwards Jersey , not just if you forget your password. While website user aount security used to revolve around just a login ID and a password, security questions have bee very monple, especially as user verification when retrieving a lost password. If you are forced to answer such a question, try to pick the most obscure information possible so it is not easily guessed or found. Use different security questions on eh and every website in case your aount does get hked and your answers read. Finally, consider treating your security question as a second password, making it cryptic thus difficult to hk. Security questions have bee a modern ft of life on the Inter, so learn how to use them to your advantage. Copyright 2009 Andrew Malek.Andrew Malek owns the MalekTips puter and technology help site at .malektips.. MalekTips offers thousands of puter tips for beginners and experts including advice on searching the Inter at malektips.inter-search, websites to browse, and how to stay safe when online. For everybody who is a die-hard football supporter, prehaps you are quite thrilled in anticipation of FIFA World Cup 2014 that ould take ple in Brazil. Certainly, we flawlessly understand your own excitent. After all, such huge oasion doesn't hap

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