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While football in the United States is associated with crisp autumn days and cool nights St. Louis Rams Jersey , in Canada professional football begins in the summer time. While NFL training camps won’t open until mid-summer by then the Canadian Football League (CFL) will be well into their regular season schedule.

The CFL is almost as old as the NFL, coming into existence in 1930. The league’s Grey Cup championship trophy is even older, having been awarded to the best Canadian professional football team since 1909. There have been a number of NFL stars who got their start in the CFL including Doug Flutie, Randall Cunningham and Jeff Garcia.

The CFL is very high level professional football, but there are some significant differences between it and the NFL game:

At the most basic level, the football itself is bigger than the NFL ball. It is longer and fatter than the NFL ball. The CFL goal posts are on the goal line, while the NFLs are on the end line at the back of the endzone. The CFL field is also longer (110 yards) and wider (65 yards vs. the NFLs 53.5 yards), and the CFL end zones are 20 yards deep as opposed to 10 yards in the NFL.

Teams have 12 players on the field at once as opposed to 11 in the NFL. On offense Benny Cunningham Jersey , the extra player is a receiver, on defense a defensive back. And unlike the American game, where teams have 4 downs to move the ball ten yards the CFL has only 3. Maybe the hardest thing to get used to when listening to CFL broadcasts is the frequently references to teams going two and out. There are a few other subtle differences as well”teams only have 1 time out per half, only 20 seconds between plays, and all backfield players can be in motion prior to the snap (as opposed to only one in the NFL).

There’s also a significant difference in the way the game is scored. The first time many US fans see a CFL score update reflecting a 1-0 game they’re usually left scratching their head in confusion. CFL teams are able to score a single point, known as a “single” for a kick that lands in the end zone such as a punt or missed field goal.

The rule differences also extend into the front office, where teams are required to have a certain quota of their roster be Canadian born. In an effort to prevent the CFL from becoming an NFL farm system, and to protect the unique identity of Canadian football 19 of the 40 players on the roster must be natives.

Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding is that the average NFL fan looks at the rules of the Canadian game with more players E.J. Gaines Jersey , a wider field, and fewer downs and concludes that the game is a wide open shootout similar to Arena Football. Thats not really the case”youll see some offensive battles but most games end up with final score totals in the mid to high 40s. In Arena Football, youll frequently see teams with potent offenses enforcing their will over and over again against teams with porous defenses. You dont see that too often in the CFL. The rules may be different, but as is the case in American pro football you need a solid rushing game and a stout defense to win games and championships.

Furthermore, the parity that you see in the NFL where on any given Sunday any team can beat any other team is magnified in the CFL. The primary reason is the rules mandating Canadian native players. I dont think itll offend any Canadians if I suggest that football is played at a higher level in American high schools and colleges. That means that at least 50% of each team is of essentially equal level of talents. Now that may be a bit of an

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