FIFA 16 Top 5 Upgrades Acting Now for 11K FIFA 16 PS4 Coins = $ 2.95

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From the launch day to last week, FIFA 16 tops the UK charts, which could say that fifa coins more popular and fifa fans really love it. What make FIFA players always love the video game. We can see that EA made more efforts this time and FIFA 16 has its great new features.

Pace is not everything in FIFA 16. Now the game feels more technical, and less about sheer speed. Ball control, dribbling skills and sharp reactions are required to harness the joys of pace, something that is more evident now than on previous FIFA games.

Goalkeepers actually work. FIFA 16 instantly offers a bit of solidarity at the back. They are not super-human on FIFA 16, though goalkeepers are now fantastic at punching away corners at every opportunity, but you do get an air of comfort when they do flail limbs that they'll actually do their job an deny the attacker a cheap goal.

Passing is more challenging. It has become trickier to master the relatively simple art of passing the ball, with players required to be more focused fro every pass they make rather than mindlessly tapping A/X in rhythm to ping-pong the ball the length of the pitch. It'd do-able, but it's far harder, and loose passes are more common.

Defenders are tactically Aware. The matchup will be a lot more life-like this season, with strong real-world players rewarded with strong virtual representatins. Defenders don't necessarily need to go to ground, or even put a foot in, to nick the ball back. Instead they can hustle, bustle and bully the ball away from pesky pace-merchants.

Conceding a goal when there was simply nothing you could do about it is the worst feeling, but now defenders will keep watch, cover and even track back depending on your game plan setting, whether it be ultra-defensive or all-out-attack. Defenses should be a lot tighter this time around, and that can only be a good thing for closer, more intense matches.

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